Top 10 Beauty Products in India

Every girl loves makeup and the branded products are like her dream to get all in her makeup kit. No matter you use simply makeup products or classic products but some common items like moisturizer, concealer, foundations, lipstick, and kajal are required.

Wearing natural makeup can change your whole look and appearance and we must say that choosing and doing the right makeup is also an art. We always suggest that choose good quality products for your skin because cheaper products can harm your fragile skin tone.

Let’s check out top 10 beauty products in India:-

MAC pro-long wear foundation:

MAC, the name is enough to describe itself and considered as one of the most loving makeup products. This foundation has a superb coverage and after applying it stays for 10 hours without any patches or dullness. You feel fresh and glowing the whole day.  It is a non-oxidize product with medium coverage and there are different shades available.

Inglot Lose face powder:

The product quality is perfect for all skin types and blends well in your skin. The loose powder provides a natural appearance and you can easily carry this anywhere. It comes in a transparent packing with a smooth puff. It is far better than other cake powders.

Garnier BB cream:

The product comes in a tube shape cover and the coverage is good. The cream is quite thick but after application looks lighter on your skin and covers up the small skin pores and spots. It is ideal for daily usage without any side effects.  

L’Oreal infallible 16 hour’s concealer:

The concealer plays an important role in your makeup. This concealer covers up the dark patches, open pores, and pigmentation. The thick consistency blends well and provides great coverage and it lasts for 8 to10 hours that means the whole day you look fresh.  

MAC blush:

There are many shades available of MAC blush and all colors are natural. The blending quality is amazing and makes a glossy look to your face. Only buy from an authentic place because there are fake products available and you never know which one is original.

Lotus pure stay face powder:

The product is available in SPF 20 with a matte finish on your skin. Gently apply it after makeup and only one application would be fine. Stay long lasting and never leaves patches. The product is easily available online.

Lakme absolute skin natural Mousse:

It provides a perfect photogenic face and a tremendous natural effect on your skin. It blends well and makes your skin smooth with medium coverage and worthy to buy one. The silky appearance makes your skin great and it spreads easily on your skin and lasts for 7 to 8 hours.  

Maybelline dream touch blush:

Maybelline a well-known brand brought a fine-touch blush that also can be applied as a highlighter. You can choose your color from 5 shades and all the shades are amazing. The charm and gloss are perfect with a smooth texture.    

Lotus Pure Stay foundation:

The high coverage or this foundation provides a natural look. The product has no preservatives, blends well, no cakey effect or breakouts, suitable for all skin types and available in 4 shades and lasts for 5 hours on your skin, easily available online and worth for your money and time.     

Lakme absolute sun-kissed bronzer:      


One of the loving products launched by Lakme with perfect texture and smoothness and your skin will definitely love it. Apply slightly after makeup to your jaw lines and blend well and it will provide blush and natural charm on your cheeks and face.